Amdro PowerFlex Pest and Weed Control System

I’ve always had a hankering for pulling weeds. Love to do it. Very therapeutic, my “play time”. However, lately, I’ve been so bogged down with many things all at once, my weeds have gotten the best of me. It was really perfect timing when the Amdro PowerFlex Pest and Weed System was on my doorstep, thanks to bzzagent.

I didn’t waste anytime, and set this baby up. I first started with the Fire ants. Very allergic, needed to zap those critters fast. Ya know…in less than 24 hours and even a week later, no fire ants. That’s a first.

Then I about used up all of my weed killer in one day. There’s just so many right now. The Amdro system comes with all of these nifty little cartridges so you don’t have to mix up a gallon or so of weed or bug killer, you use what you need. You can easily swap out cartridges and go from killing weeds to killing bugs all within 30 seconds of each other.

Well, 3 days after spraying the weeds, they were turning yellow. A week later, most are wilting. I think I was expecting the weeds to die off as fast as the fire ants did, but still it is working. Now I can concentrate on the other things that are a little more important than pulling weeds by hand.

Before Weed Killer

Before Weed Killer

After Weed Killer

After Weed Killer

The AMDRO® PowerFlex® Pest & Weed System battery-powered sprayer automatically combines concentrate from the cartridge with water from the tank, so you get perfectly combined solution every time, with no wasted water or concentrate. One four-ounce cartridge makes one full gallon of spray. There’s a cartridge for any weed or pest job:
* Lawn Weed Killer Concentrate
* Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate
* Home Pest Control Indoor Insect Killer Concentrate
* Yard & Perimeter Outdoor Insect Killer Concentrate
It takes only seconds to go from killing weeds outdoors to killing pests indoors — Simply take out the cartridge, press and hold the trigger for 10 seconds to flush the sprayer with water from the tank and twist in a new cartridge.

Cleanup is a breeze: Simply take out the cartridge, press and hold the trigger for 10 seconds to flush the sprayer with water from the tank and snap partially used cartridges into the convenient storage area on the back of the system.

No measuring, mixing and mess to clean limits consumer exposure. Battery-powered sprayer controls dilution and leaves no leftover solution, limiting over-application and chemical waste.

AMDRO® PowerFlex® is better for the environment using less fuel to ship concentrated refill cartridges than ready-to-use pest and weed control products.

Available at Walmart, Home Depot, and select retailers. Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $14.99 Sprayer, $11.99 Refills.

Disclaimer: I received this product free from bzzagent to test try and provide a review. In any case, my opinions are my own, and yours may differ from mine.


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