May’s 30 Day Challenge Report

Tabata Exercises are a great high intensity workout.  It really gets that cardio a workout.  I’ve completed my 30 day challenge with this, and here is my report.

I alternated between 2 of the Tabata exercises each day.  It was squats for one day, mountain climbers the next.  I only did these M-F.  My goal was to trim excess fat, decrease cellulite, and renew my energy.

My results were that my legs did firm up.  They were very tight muscle wise, no excess flab.  The cellulite did decrease.  My energy levels were up (as long as I got enough sleep at night).

About the trimming of excess fat…not so sure.  Actually, where my legs were very firm and muscles were tight, I would say that yes, I trimmed off excess fat.  What I did notice was that my legs, (calves and thighs) got larger.  I did NOT like that.  I have large legs as it is (a genetic thing).  But I did continue right to the end of May with the Tabata Exercises.

On the other hand…My husband had been alternating the #1 Exercise…1. Flat up jumps (legs apart) – lay on ground with arms ready to push you up, then push your self up to a standing position, then jump with feet apart. (My cub scouts call this the burpee.)  It’s like getting on the ground from a standing position, do a push-up, stand-up and jump.

The last two weeks of May, he focused solely on just mountain climbers.  He noticed a huge difference in getting his belly to shrink down.  He won’t do any other exercise, as this has been the only one that has worked for him.

Let me know what works or doesn’t work for you.



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