Cute Book for Children and Adults about Childhood Fears of the Dark

Looking for that perfect gift for that hard to buy for person on your list? Well this is that book for you. All ages will enjoy this cleverly written book, filled with humor and telling it “like it is.”

Have you ever sat down and recalled your night time childhood fears of the past. Most people I’ve talked to all had a fear of the dark, a fear of monsters, a fear of being alone and various other night time fears.

If you have children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren etc., have you asked them what their night time fears are? Chances are they probably aren’t much different than yours at their age.

How have you dealt with those fears? How do your children deal with those fears? Well…I’ve found a cute solution...Monsters Guide to Bedtime by Henry and Aldyth’s Son.

Monsters Guide to Bedtime

Monsters Guide to Bedtime

Going back down memory lane, I’m sure most adults will be able to relate to this darling story on how to deal with monsters at bedtime. Adults will enjoy the authors humor and say something like, “Yeah, that’s how I remember it,”  or, “That’s exactly how it was.” Kids will love the twist at the end.

Did you know there are certain rules that Monsters must abide by at night? This book teaches those rules. Once children learn the rules for Monsters, Bears and Tigers they should have no more trouble sleeping at night.  Make this book even more fun and actually let your kids follow those bedtime rules.

Be sure to get your copy today and enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without the fear of monsters, bears and tigers.  Just click on either picture and you’ll be taken to Amazon to get your e-book copy.

Monster Under Chair

Monster Under Chair


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