New Ties Anyone??? is offering 2 new ties (including s/h) for anyone who offers link-backs to them.

Drop a link to from your website, blog, or online store (no Facebook or Twitter), and they will send you a coupon valid for 2 free ties and free shipping! Ties Ties

Their woven Jon vanDyk ties are always $5.95.  Their Extra Long ties are always $8.95. Their woven silk ties are always $10.95.  They also have narrow ties, clipon ties, bow ties, boys ties, novelty ties, and pocket hankys to match the ties.
I’ve personally ordered several ties from them, and love them.  The ones I got were all handmade from Holland.  Great quality.  Great selection.  Great prices. Check them out today.
1)  Create a link to or tiecoon sub page that will remain up for at least 6 months(No Facebook or Twitter Links)
2)  Raw links, anchor text links, or links in a short description are OK
3)  Send an email to titled “LINKS”, include your URL with the link
4)  We will send your coupon for 2 free regular ties and free shipping within 1 week after submission. 
That’s it!  Thank you!

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