Fresh HomeMade Air Freshener

When I moved 2 years ago, the realtor told us to make sure we freshened our house with the scent of lemon.  It was the one scent that when people walk through a house will make them think “new” “clean” “fresh”.  They claim it makes a big difference in selling a house.  Who knew lemons had such power.



In order to do that, we had a dicken’s of a time trying to find anything lemon period.

I just stumbled across this cool way to make your own homemade air freshener.  It can be any scent you like, but I’m going lemon when I sell my next house.

Get a spray bottle that will hold two cups.  It’s best if you have the sprayer adjustable for fine misting.

Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle

Go to your favorite place to purchase essential oils, or health food store to get natural lemon oil.

Natural Lemon Oil

Natural Lemon Oil

Fill the spray bottle with two cups of distilled water.  (Cuts back on clogging up the nozzle.)

Distilled Water

Distilled Water

Add 6 drops of your favorite essential oil, or the natural lemon oil.  Shake till well blended, and spray away.  Enjoy the Fresh HomeMade Air Freshener.



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