Update to June’s 30 Day Challenge

I was doing very well with the rebounding challenge, when our family had an emergency and I was gone for a couple of weeks. We think we have that under control, and now it’s back to the rebounding.

Jogging on Mini-tramp

Jogging on Mini-tramp

I must say that even with just two weeks under my belt, before bolting, I gained some positive benefits. Needless to say, I was impressed and surprised. My icky bumpy legs were visibly smoother. My inherited spider veins on my inside ankles were disappearing. My clothes weren’t so snug. Now I’m not overweight by any doctors chart, but I think we know what weight we feel comfortable at. And I would feel much more comfortable 10 pounds lighter and several inches less, especially the legs.
My DH is my best judge of what is working and what isn’t. I’m more critical, he’s more honest. He even said that after 2 weeks there were definite differences in how my legs appeared…more sleek and slender. Guess who’s rebounding now?

Rebounding Guy

Rebounding Guy

We’re back on again with the rebounding, Tabata style, and any other time I can fit in my schedule to do so. I also do 100 jumping jacks on the mini tramp daily. (Daily as in Mon-Fri.)

Jumping Jacks on Rebounder

Jumping Jacks on Rebounder

One of the biggest things I noticed from rebounding was that I was able to run a quarter mile without killing over. Seriously, I couldn’t do that before. It felt good to not be gasping for air. I’m a walker, not a runner. So this was real big. My stamina in general has increased much more than with the regular Tabata exercising.

Let me know how rebounding works for you, or not, and what your favorite way to exercise is.


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