Tabata Workout

May’s 30 Day Challenge ~ Tabata Workout.
Tabata Exercise

Tabata Exercise

The workout is a 4 minute, high intensity workout where you exercise intensely for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, then back on for 20 seconds.  Repeat this routine for 8 times to equal your 4 minute workout.  If you have time to do more, there are different movements you can do.  Do each one for 8 times (4 minutes).
1. Flat up jumps (legs apart) – lay on ground with arms ready to push you up, then push your self up to a standing position, then jump with feet apart. (My cub scouts call this the burpee.)  It’s like getting on the ground from a standing position, do a push-up, stand-up and jump.
2. Mountain climbers – run in place with both hands on ground.
3. Squats – bend down with arms out in front knees over toes, feet flat on ground
4. Push-ups ( easy or hard) easy = knees and hands,  hard = feet and hands
5. Sit-ups ( easy or hard)  easy = arms over head crunch up to touch knees, hard = arms over head crunch up to touch feet.
Oh….it’s really important to stretch out before and after doing these exercises.  You don’t want to be pulling any muscles.
My husband has been doing these for the past two weeks.  He comes back just a huffing and a puffing.  He certainly reaches his target heart rate doing this.  The first week he could barely do two minutes.  He’s not out of shape, so we thought.  But this exercise routine is harder than it sounds.
Most of these exercises certainly target cellulite.  Yeah!  No way can I NOT do these all month long.  That and the skin brushing, I had better banish that cottage cheesey stuff for good.
Give this a trial run.  Let me know how well you do.

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