Oil Pulling ~ Peroxide Pulling

OK, so there is a new Ayurvedic healing tradition that is circulating around right now called Oil Pulling.  Basically you take 1 tablespoon of Sunflower, Olive, Sesame or Coconut oil and swish it around in your mouth for 20 minutes then spit it out.  By doing so your teeth are supposed to get whiter, your gums pinker, toxins eliminated from your body, your digestive system working better, metabolism increased, weight loss, etc. etc.

Sunflower Oil

Sunflower Oil

I figured, what the heck, I have Sunflower Oil at home, won’t cost me a dime to try.  After about 10 days I’ve decided it isn’t for me.  My teeth actually got more yellow, my gums didn’t appear any more pink than before trying this, and nothing else improved.

So now, instead of swishing oil in my mouth for 20 minutes, I am swishing 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted to 3% in my mouth.  I swish about 1 tablespoon for about 10 minutes.  Just the first day alone my teeth were whiter than ever.  Of course, that oil did a number on them despite my normal dental hygiene routine.  Some say that just swishing for a minute each day is sufficient.  Hydrogen peroxide will kill the bad bacteria, help stimulate and keep the gums healthy, and help with halitosis.  When you first begin, you might find your gums turning white.  Supposedly it is from the bacteria on your gums, and will return to their normal color within 30 minutes or so.  Be warned that this can become foamy as well.

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

Hydrogen Peroxide 3%

During this time, I ended up having a filling fall out of my tooth.  My dentist is a 3 hour drive one way away.  This was not happening.  I decided that while I was scoping out new dentists, I would give Coconut Oil Pulling a try.  My son had been doing this, and since he was studying to be a dentist, I thought why not.  If he recommends it, I’ll try it.  I must say, I was very very consistent at doing this daily for an entire 30 days.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil

Within the first 3 days, I no longer had any sensitivity to the tooth where the filling fell out.  Within the first 7 days, my teeth were noticeably whiter.  At the 2 week mark, my gums were pinker, healthier looking.  By the end of 30 days, I was so hooked on the Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil, that I’ve kept on doing it about 5 days a week now, and it’s been 10 months.

I honestly can say that enamel is starting to form where the filling fell out, but you can obviously tell there is something missing.  I don’t have any rough edges where it fell out.  I’ve had other sensitivity issues I felt were cavities starting to form.  During those times I would also rinse with either salt water or hydrogen peroxide (3%) just to make sure all was OK.  I don’t think I need to see a dentist.

Another one of my sons felt like he was getting a cavity.  No dental insurance.  I told him about Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil.  His sensitivity was gone within 7 days, and he doesn’t think he needs to see a dentist now.

I don’t think my teeth got any whiter by oil pulling.  Regular brushing with my homemade toothpaste, and rinsing with hydrogen peroxide has been the best for this.  On the other hand, my gums that were receding at an alarming rate have slowed down, and the dentist did prove through x-rays that my gums have actually started to regrow and filling in where they had receded.  So Yeah.  I’m sold on Oil Pulling with Coconut Oil.


DIY Leave-in Hair Conditioner

Just got back from having my hair “trimmed.” Looks more like major haircut. Anyways, hairdresser said my hair was dry, not too bad, but could use a good leave-in hair conditioner. Of course, she wanted me to purchase their salon favorite, but I opted to trying some other options…DIY.

Here’s one that is floating around Pinterest that sounded good enough to try.

6 oz. Distilled water
1 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 oz. Your favorite conditioner

Pour everything into a spray bottle. Shake well. Apply.

Spray Bottle

Spray Bottle


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Color Me Happy Conditioner

Color Me Happy Conditioner

It was easy enough to mixup. Application not so well…spray bottle got clogged up. So I applied like I would any other leave-in conditioner by applying a small amount in the palm of my hand, rubbing hands together then rubbed through hair and combed out with wide tooth comb.

After first application I didn’t feel like my hair was silky soft, but definitely softer and less dry than prior to using. Unfortunately, my bangs look greasy. Picture is several hours later.

I’ll still be working with application process, and trying to find something better.

High Protein High Fiber Granola Cereal

Fiber One Protein Cereal is a new product that provides one with whole grains, high protein, and high fiber.  Combined with milk, you get a whopping 10 grams of protein.

Nutritional Facts

This cereal is a great tasting granola type cereal.  It includes soy which helps provide much of the protein.  The Cranberry Almond flavor smells and tastes wonderfully fresh.  It is delicious.

I sometimes get a hankering for a bowl of cereal at night.  Fiber One Protein fits that bill.  I find I eat less of this cereal than others.  Probably because it fills me up faster due to the whole grains and fiber.

This would make an excellent afternoon snack for kids when they come home from school, or to eat prior to a sports practice or game.  They would have the energy they need to complete their tasks at hand.  I’ve even heard of adults eating a bowl of this cereal on their afternoon breaks to help them get through the rest of their day at work.

My suggestion, if you’re feeling down in the dumps, or sluggish and need an extra boost, eat a bowl of this cereal rather than grabbing a candy bar.  You’ll experience more energy and clarity of mind.  (OK, that’s just how I feel when I eat it.  Your experience may be different.)

Oh, and BTW, it doesn’t go soggy in milk.

Disclaimer:  I GotItFree from Bzzagent.  However, the opinions of this post are my own.

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Great Protein Snacks That Provide Real Energy

Hormel Rev Wraps are a great substitute for a protein bar. With over 15 g. of Protein per wrap, thats pretty decent. They have real meat and real cheese and real energy. They come in 8 delicious flavors.

*Ham & Cheese
*Pepperoni Pizza
*Peppered Turkey
*Meat Lovers Pizza
*Italian Style Ham
*Hot Pepper Ham
*Italian Style
*Spicy Italian Style

These are a fairly tasty snack to give kids, teens and adults. They’re just flat bread (or a big tortilla) meat and cheese. By themselves they are OK, but personally I found they were better when we added cream cheese and spinach. Other ingredients like tomatoes, onions and olives would have been delicious too. Heat them up or eat them as is. If you don’t heat them up, they’re kind of on the dry side, but still fairly tasty.

I personally wouldn’t buy these without coupons, as they run around $2 per single serving. I could make several when you break down the cost of ingredients. I just wouldn’t have the big oblong looking tortilla.

For someone who likes pre-made snacks for kids, or on-the-go snacks, these are great. Going to soccer practice or games? Be sure to give your kids one of these before and they’ll do just fine.

Disclaimer:  I received coupons from Bzzagent to try the Hormel Rev Wraps.  I was not compensated for this post, and opinions are my own.  Yours may differ from me.

Kashi Hummus Crisps

Kashi Hummus Crisps are air-popped chickpea crisps.  Kashi does not use any partially hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, or anything artificial.  Each serving has 5 grams of of whole grain, 3 grams of fiber, and 3 grams of protein.  They come in delicious flavors like Caramelized Onion, Sundried Tomatio and Feta, Sea Salt and Olive Oil.



Prior to gettin my free bag of  Kashi Hummus Crisps, I had never heard of hummus before.  We received the Sea Salt and Olive Oil crisps to taste and review.  They were immediately opened and they were instantly devoured by my family.   Everyone really liked them.  When I mentioned they were Hummus chips, they wanted to know what that meant….Chickpeas….What’s that??? Well we looked up and realized we did know what chickpeas were, and very pleasantly surprised by the great tasting chips.  Who knew healthy could taste so good.

These are a great snack to give kids after school, or even for adults to enjoy in the afternoon, or any time really.  With the amount of fiber and protein, and knowing they are made from whole grains, it’s a great calorie conscious item to keep in your pantry.

Thanks Bzzagent for providing these for us to try.  #GotItFree.


July’s 30 Day Challenge ~ Healing Using Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide

July’s challenge began on time, my reporting of it is slightly behind schedule.

For the last couple of weeks, and all throughout July, my dh and I are following the program from The One Minute Cure For All Diseases by Madison Cavanaugh. You might be able to obtain it here:


The One Minute Cure

The One Minute Cure

Basically she describes a program for taking 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide by building up with 3 drops a day in water 3 times a day. One is to build up to 25 drops a day for 3 times daily. She also talks about taking the hydrogen peroxide intravenously, but we don’t do that.

I recently purchased a wheat grass juicer and use it to juice greens to take with the 35% food grade hydrogen peroxide. Look next month for my review on that.

I currently juice spinach leaves, turnip leaves, parsley and a few carrots. My dh and I take about 3 tablespoons of this juice and add my daily dose of hydrogen peroxide drops, with about 8 ounces of water. We do this 3 times a day. Each day you increase the drops by one per serving. We currently are at 20, and we work up to 25.

From what I’ve read that others do, is once they get to 25 drops 3 times daily, they stay at this dose until their ailment they are trying to get rid of is no longer there. One lady I read about took 10 months to fully get rid of her arthritis, plus a host of other illnesses, and then worked her way back down (decrease a drop per serving per day) until at the maintenance dose of 3 drops a glass, 3 times a day.

My husband has extreme shoulder pain where he can no longer raise his arms above his head. All work related, sitting at a desk 10-12 hours a day working on a computer. He is just now starting to experience more motion in his shoulders. What I have noticed however, is that he is detoxing, and getting more breakouts on his back. This is to be expected. The best improvement I have seen with him, that he doesn’t notice, is that his eyes are much brighter and clearer.

I always joked that he had patriotic eyes, red/white/& blue. His blue eyes are so pretty and clear and bright. I attribute this to the hydrogen peroxide. We’ve done green drink before, but his eyes were never as beautiful as they are now.

Personally, I’m looking to remove the orange color that sits at the top of my green eyes. It is just now starting to dissolve. From what I understand, this orange is related to various things such as not metabolizing my food well, blockage in my colon and intestines, kidneys and liver not functioning correctly. I believe that is true, and hence starting to notice a detox going on for me as well.

Once we hit 17 drops, I’ve had an extremely hard time drinking this stuff. My husband is gagging at 21 drops. For the past week, we have eliminated the carrots in the green drink. They’re coming back next week. Carrots made a big difference in making this stuff more palatable.

You may ask why are we doing something if it is so awful? To prove if this one minute cure really works or not. We like the idea that the hydrogen peroxide oxygenates our blood (I do have poor circulation) and creates an environment within the body where disease cannot thrive, thus enabling the body to cure itself of disease.

You might want to check these links out: http://educate-yourself.org/cancer/benefitsofhydrogenperozide17jul03.shtml


If you have any experience with this method good or bad, please comment.

UPDATE: Now that I have been doing this Hydrogen Peroxide Drops for about 6 weeks, here is my conclusion.  I actually got up to 19 drops 3 times a day.  At that point I could no longer tolerate it.  Even eating Greek Yogurt didn’t seem to help my upset stomach.  Not upset like wanting to toss my cookies or anything, just something that let me know this was too much.  I’ve gone back down to 15 drops 3 times a day.  

I’ve noticed that my spider veins in my ankles are improving, and a little bit of the orange color in my eyes has dissipated.  That’s about it.

My dh got to 20 drops 3 times a day, and decided that was too much for him.  He has gone back to 19 drops 3 times a day.  He hasn’t noticed any difference, but doesn’t want to stop until he has given this dose a good couple of weeks.  Then we’ll work our way back down to the 3 drops 3 times a day.

My suggestion is to be sure to eat yogurt with live cultures or to take a probiotic to protect the lining of your stomach.  I personally feel I will be stopping this regime altogether.  What I do like to do is swish the food grade hydrogen peroxide that has been diluted down to 3%, in my mouth for about 10 minutes a day.  It helps the breath stay fresher, teeth get whiter, and gums look pinker.

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