Eat Smart Bathroom Scales

Many of us make New Resolutions, whether at the beginning of the New Year, or getting ready for swimsuits in Summer, or looking great for all the Christmas parties. When one takes on the challenge to seriously lose weight, a great bathroom scale is a great asset to have.

Eat Smart Bathroom scales are super accurate, easy to use and uniquely designed to perfectly match the decor in any home. The scales are engineered to the highest precision standards to provide you with consistently reliable products. Stop guessing your weight and let their scales help you get serious about your fitness and weight loss goals.

The Eat Smart Precision Tracker is an essential tool in weight management – giving users the ability to track their weight over time.  After each use, the scale will display three readings: current weight, weight change from the last weigh in, and total change from the starting weight.  This scale is auto calibrated and includes 4 AAA batteries.  Has a large 3.5″ LCD display that is easy to read.  Can store personal data for up to 8 users.  Can measure in pounds or kilos.  Maximum weight 400 pounds.  You can get your EatSmart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale w/ 400 lb. Capacity and EatSmart AccuTrack Softwareat Amazon.

When I opened up my new Eat Smart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale, I was impressed by the sleek design, and how thin it was.  I also couldn’t believe they actually included the batteries to make this work.  So many products don’t include batteries.  I immediately proceeded to follow the setup and was surprised it needed to be calibrated, when it said it was automatically calibrated.  Well it is automatically calibrated, but you need to set it up for your floor type.  They strongly suggest keeping this on a hard floor surface, no carpet no matter how thin.

Eat Smart Precision Tracker

Eat Smart Precision Tracker

After calibrating, I was anxious to see how this scale performed compared to my current one.  It is larger than my original scale.  When I weighed myself on each, I was greatly disappointed that my weight was exactly 2 pounds higher on the Eat Smart Bathroom Scale.  Scary.  Then I realized, my other scale was located on a just a piece of very low pile carpet without a pad.  I removed my original scale and placed it on the hard floor.  Now my weight was exactly the same, and still Scary. 
By the 3rd time you weigh yourself on the scale it starts to provide you with calculations that are meaningful besides your current weight.  It will show you your current weight, your last weight and the total weight changes in pounds and percentages.  There is no reason to worry about how the scale will recognize you and your weight changes compared to someone else unless you are similar in weight.  If you do have more than one person with similar weight the scale will pop up a screen for you to choose which user number you are.  This is a great tool to use to track your weight change.  With all those New Year’s Resolutions you just set, you might want to look into getting one of these Eat Smart Precision Tracker Digital Bathroom Scale.

This scale can hold up to 8 users and track their weight changes.  I like how it not only shows the difference in weight from the previous time in pounds, but also in percentages.  It is nice and thin and the style is attractive.  It is large enough to stand on and not feel like your feet are going to be hanging over the edge.  Liked the back lit display.

On the other hand, the display could be a little larger. The display is larger on my original scale.  I also wished it had the feature to allow you to save your best or target weight, or your starting weight to use as a target to reach in case you forgot to write it down, or lost where you did write it down.  My original scale stores my favorite weight, shows me my current weight and what the difference between my current weight and most recent time I weighed myself.  I like that feature and wish the Eat Smart bathroom scale had that feature.

An important thing is not have this sit on anything but a hard floor.  I bumped the scale during the night, and just a slight part of the scale ended up on the flat piece of carpet.  It would not calculate my weight until it was completely on the hard floor.


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