Space Room ~ Great Theater Room

Over the years we have used our creativity in many ways to try new things with our homes we’ve lived in. We know someday we will retire, move back home and have a real permanent home. In the meantime, we’ve had a lot of fun trying different things to see what we want or don’t want in the last home we hope to own.

One of those fun things we tried was creating a Space Room in our Master Bedroom. I wouldn’t recommend this in a master bedroom, but we plan to do something very similar in our theater room. Only instead of painting the ceiling, we’ll actually use LED lights to create constellations.

ceiling in bedroom

Bedroom Ceiling

First of all, we painted all 5 walls, (yep the ceiling too) with a high gloss black paint. We gave it 2 coats. Everything was so shiny you could almost see yourself in the walls. This idea came from a friend of my husband’s who had done this, and he said it was a very awesome effect.

Next, we bought a bunch of colors of spray paint, blue, yellow, white, red, orange, green etc. We didn’t use neon colors, but that could be spectacular.

We followed the technique used by Jonathan Harris, and you watch the 4 minute here from Youtube.  Note that he used a white background, and we used high gloss black.  Great 4 minute tutorial.

We covered ourselves from head to toe in protective clothing and kept the doors closed to this room for 3 days after finishing. Once we started this project, we spray painted till we were done. It took us almost a full day to do this, but we didn’t want the particles of spray paint floating into other rooms. Our carpet was covered in paint tarps and taped to the baseboards.

We practiced first on poster paper, and let each of the kids created their own space paints or whatever they desired.  We had pyramids, wolves and trees.  It was a great family project where each kid came away feeling on top of the world because their paintings were so awesome.  Unfortunately, they have their own paintings now, or we have them in a box waiting to move to our permanent home.  This one was hanging on our wall.

Space Painting

Space Painting

But here are some pictures from our master bedroom.  And just so you know, it took only 2 coats of Kilz white paint to cover up the this masterpiece once we listed that house for sale.

Space Painted Walls

Space Painted Walls

Space Painted Walls

Our Master Bedroom Masterpiece


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