July ~ Watermelon Lemonade

There are a variety of recipes for this out there in the cloud. However, this is one I came up with on my own, had it taste tested with over 25 people to critique it. I made their recommended changes and here it is.

watermelon_lemonadeFirst of all, pick out a very ripe watermelon. I know there are a variety of ways to do this. My grandpa used to take a straw (the grass kind, not the drinking kind) and set one strand of straw on top of the melon. If it swiveled, it was a good melon. I didn’t believe this worked until I was with him to watch this process. He picked a great melon, and ohh…that straw moved about 45 degrees.

Another way that someone told me about that grew melons was to look for a slightly yellow bottom with insect marks on it (like from sugar ants.) He always picked the biggest and sweetest melons for my family.

Watermelon Yellow Bottom
Watermelon Yellow Bottom

The way I personally prefer is to place the melon on top of others, away from any cardboard boxing, and knock on it. If it sounds hollow, it is always sweet for us. If you let the watermelon lean up or sit on any cardboard boxing, it will sound hollow, and may not be as sweet as you desire.

Then there are a variety of melons to choose from. Sometimes the soil will affect the flavor making it sweeter than most. Something to do with the minerals in the soil as the melon is growing. There are the seedless kind, the sold green ones, striped ones, yellow ones, etc. etc.

My personal favorite are the large striped melons with seeds. Second favorite are the typical medium sized ones that are seedless.

My Favorite Watermelon
My Favorite Watermelon

Next, pick up a can of frozen concentrated lemonade. The kind where you add at least 4 cans of water.

Now that you have your prize melon picked out, slice, dice and puree about 4 cups worth. 3 cups is ok, but my group preferred the 4 cups.

Mix up that frozen can of concentrated lemonade. Add the pureed watermelon. Mix and serve.  I found that if you use the Pink Lemonade it makes the coloring a little better.

Frozen Pink Lemonade
Frozen Pink Lemonade

This is relatively fast and easy to mix up. It is very refreshing. It was also the first time this group of 25 had ever tasted watermelon lemonade, and they kept asking me to make it the rest of the summer. It was a big hit.

Watermelon Lemonade
Watermelon Lemonade

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