Beauty Tips

Thick Lush Lashes: Apply a dab of castor oil to your eyes before retiring for bed. You may want to add a little coconut oil with the castor oil. The castor oil can feel sticky, and the coconut oil helps take that stickiness away. Within a couple of weeks you should notice a difference. Within a month you’ll have thicker lashes. I use this about every 3 or 4 months and get great results each time.

castor oil coconutoil

Wrinkles around Eyes: Apply the gel from aloe vera leaves to eyes, then top with coconut oil. Works wonders. My husband has been doing this for years. He has fewer lines around his eyes than I do. I’ve tried a lot of other products, but his eyes prove this works. It’s not an immediate cure, but over time it truly works.


Dry Rough Skin: Apply the gel from aloe vera leaves to skin, topped with coconut oil. I have a son that is a construction worker and has adverse working conditions for his hands. They often crack and bleed. This solution so far has been the most helpful in relieving the pain and healing the cracked skin.

aloegel oliveoil
Great Make-up Remover:Mix equal amounts of aloe vera gel (100% is best) with Pure Virgin Olive Oil. Shake well. If it keeps separating, mix in a blender. Apply to face and leave on for about 30 seconds. Use a clean wet wash cloth to completely wipe off. I especially like to use this on my eyes.

How To Rub Your Stomach Away The Crane Exercise by Stephen Chang, M.D.

Details: Yep! You read that right. Dr. Chang has this theory that by rubbing your stomach you can promote proper digestion, sound sleep and a healthy heart. This weight loss method comes from ancient Chinese sages. To help one live a long and healthy life you need to have a strong internal system. This includes strong abs, internal organs, lungs and circulatory system. This exercise helps with each of these.

Extremely overweight people burden their entire body. For every inch you gain in girth, your body grows approximately 4 miles of blood vessels to nourish the extra tissue. The digestive organs now have to work harder, as well as the heart. Blood pressure sky rockets due to the obstructions in the circulatory system. Lower back pain and physical fatigue are other ailments one has to deal with by being overweight.

A simple and effective way to help lose weight is by doing a 2 minute exercise. First lay flat on your back and relax. If you are right-handed use your right hand, if left-handed use your left hand. Put the palm of your hand on your navel. Simply rub in a clockwise fashion from the center. Start with small circles and then gradually expand the movement until the upper and lower limits of the stomach and abdomen are being rubbed. Rub slowly and with gentle pressure. Once you have rubbed in this direction for 1 minute, reverse directions. Begin with larger circles ending with smaller circles until you are back to the center of the navel. May repeat as often as you desire.


By doing this massage exercise, you are you are You are using your own bodily electricity to gently massage the intestines, the blood vessels, and the digestive and eliminatory system. The fatty accumulations and deposits are disrupted and passed into the eliminatory system and out of the body. By rubbing in a clockwise direction you encourage proper and easeful bowel movement. When you rub in a counterclockwise direction this helps to solidify fecal material as it passes through the intestine. Therefore your bowls should neither be hard nor loose.

This exercise has been compared to a gentle yet natural colonic irrigation. Begin by doing this twice a day for at least two weeks. This exercise works better if you imagine and concentrate of feeling warmth within the area being massaged. This heat helps melt fat. Also visualize energy filling the lower part of your body. This exercise will not benefit you nearly as well without the visualization part. Another benefit to doing this, especially as you go to bed, is that the blood is drawn away from the head and brain, your usual mental chatter will be calmed, and you should experience a restful sleep.

My husband and I had tried this years ago, and recently ran into this booklet again and decided to give it another try. He has put on excess weight in his stomach area, and I become constipated if I don’t keep up with my calcium/magnesium/zinc tablets.

The first night we tried it, it was a rather cool late fall evening. The first thing we both noticed was after two minutes of rubbing (1 minute in each direction) how warm we felt, even down to our toes. We did sleep better that night, but at first didn’t think it was related to the rubbing.

We did this every morning and every night for 2 consecutive days when I definitely noticed a difference in my bowl movements. It was working at least for me. It took almost a full week before my husband noticed an increase in his bowl movements. We did sleep better, but still hadn’t paid attention to the relationship of rubbing our tummies with sleeping better. After doing this review, it made us realize that the sleeping part is absolutely true for us.

We still have a hard time remembering to be consistent in rubbing our tummies every morning when we wake up. We are pretty good at remembering to do this at night. The other thing we need to be sure to do is to visualize our stomachs getting rubbed away, our health and vitality and energy all improving as we perform this quick and simple exercise.

Sometimes I think it is the simple and quick things that are so good for you that we overlook or put down because they are almost too good to be true. But this is one of those things that I feel we will all benefit from by trying.

Be sure to check out the full review at

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