Recently we’ve been doing some remodeling. Prior to doing so, I felt like master bathroom was the perfect spa-like bathroom. We have a nice sitting area with a fire place, a jacuzzi tub and shower. We painted it a nice ocean blue color, with a mural painted by our daughter of the ocean above the tub. We added a few nautical items and really enjoyed our spa. It was peaceful and relaxing.

Now we have reluctantly painted over the mural and all walls are now a versatile gray, which is a brownish color gray. We’ve added a white waffle weave shower curtain, beige towels, and bamboo blinds on the windows. We have candles and polished stones on our vanity top, and wooden bowls on the mantel place. We’ve added a rocking chair and a small table with lamp sitting on books. We were quite surprised at how this also makes our master bathroom feel like a spa.

In another bathroom, we replaced the tile to the 12″ stone style brown colored tile for shower walls and floor. We tiled the floor using a diamond shape pattern which gives the appearance of a larger room. We also added the glass tile pieces as a decorative element in the shower, added a white waffle weave shower curtain, bamboo blinds, and a wooden vase with twigs from our back yard and stones around that. This room also has a spa feel to it. Our towels are a shade or two darker than lime green as a very nice accent to the brown color. The walls are painted tan. We’ve had some great comments recently about our spa-like bathrooms.


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