Welcome to TPS Yardening, Tender Plant Shoots and creative ways to help you with your yard and garden.

I’ve often felt like weeding was very therapeutic and enjoy doing it very much. I also enjoy mowing my lawn with a regular pull start mower…non self-propelled, and certainly not a riding lawn mower. I even enjoy getting out the weed whacker and trim the edges.

One of the things I have found very useful in the last couple of years with my “Yardening” is to have a basket that I keep my garden tools in. I actually have two. One is filled with various seeds. Seeds I have purchased, and seeds I have collected that I want to plant. The other basket contains my several pairs of garden gloves, my hand tools I use the most…a small shovel, a hand weeder (dandelion picker tool) a small hand rake, grass clippers, as well as things like Root Hormone powder for transplants, small container of insect spray for me, as well as for plants, and small container of weed control.

Garden Basket

Garden Basket

When I go work out in the garden, I grab my hat, and my two baskets, and a large bottle of water for me to drink. I’m all set and enjoy working in my yard.


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